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Easy Way To Get The Recoil Spring Into A 21/28?

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I was cleaning my 21/28 and forgot what a pain it is getting the recoil spring back into the bolt to get enouch clearance so the guide can mount back into the receiver hole. Is there an easier way to compress it other than bit by bit trying to stuff it into the bolt?. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Does your pilot have a capture pin hole? This is a hole ~1/8” in diameter drilled perpendicular through the spring pilot end. If so, place the buffer on the pilot where it should go (to protect the receiver finish) and place the pilot into it’s hole in the receiver, but from the outside, so the pilot is pointing in the opposite direction (you are using the receiver to hold the pilot so you can work compressing the spring). Now work the spring over the pilot compressing it until you have ~3” left, then put a small nail or other “capture pin” between the coils and through the hole in the pilot. Remove the pilot from the back of the receiver and install into the gun. Be careful to control the spring when you remove the pin or it may jump off to quickly and curl up in the receiver.


If you have an early pilot without the capture pin hole, it is much easier if you can put the receiver into a padded vise to install the spring and pilot.


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