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Mills Canvas Spare Parts & Cleaning Kit

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I have had this kit for a while (got from Jerry P.) and upgraded with an older version recently so I would like to trade this one. It is the yellowish/straw colored canvas pouch with the MILLS /Bullet logo inside the top flap (same as pictured in most of the popular publications). The canvas has some soil and is slightly dirty as one would expect. The standard spare parts (as listed in the 1930s handbooks and catalogs) are wrapped inside of the green cosomoline paper (yes I opened and checked and yes the parts are Savage) and are in excellent if not new condition. The chamber brush is original but the pull-through (which was missing in the kit) is one of Gordon's reproductions.


I am looking for an early MILLS four cell XX magazine pouch, or the later commercial RUSCO or MILLS five cell XX magazine pouch, and the corresponding MILLS web belt in trade for the canvas spare parts kit. Not interested in any of the military canvas items as I have one of everything ever made.


I'm still trying to put together a collection of all of the commercial canvas accessories shown in the Thompson catalogs so if anyone has canvas items that they want to sell rather than trade, please let me know.




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