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Anyone Want An Original Fbi Case Or Cleaning Rod

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A little chatter between JP and I. Not sure who Eric FXX is but seems my bet that the kit would never ship seems to be a bad bet.

I loved Jerry's comment suspect something fishy! Oh well we may never know.



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I Know the guy real well that will end up with the kit. His name is Eric FXX. I suspect something fishy involved but not sure what. I called Eric and he swore that he did not offer more money for the kit. I also suspect the kit may be bogus. frank and I talked for about one half hour. I told him that I've been dealing in machine guns for 27 years and that I have an extensive thompson collection. It could be that, if the case is not right, he figured that i would be able to detect that and he would end up getting it returned. Than he sold it to someone else. Eric MAY end up with a bad item and not get his money back. God works in strange ways!..Jerry

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