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Anyone have pro or con on this CL II.

Please let me know before i send a gun to be repaired.

Not a Thompson its a MAC 10

They are in St. Charles Mo.


Charles Burrage

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I have no first hand info but friends have visited to look around-- Heard the their prices can be high on non-class items - and the store is very low-key and you have to kinda know were its located.


I do think I have met them a guns show because I have a card from them-- I think they had or were making MP5 parts.


Wish I could help more


Mark Winkler

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C&S Metalwerkes is very reputable and they do very good work. Had lot's of dealings with them in the good ole days when they were making lot's of drums. Got to know them and maintained a solid working relationship with them for at least 10 years. Jon Shoop and Ken Choate are quality guys and they have some other really high quality machinists working there. I have also done two Class III transfers with them. They maintain a store-front location (but it is a bit hard to find unless you know where to go). They have lot's of NFA weapons in the store and they are also very familiar and with old military vehicles / armored vehicles / tanks etc. You have nothing to worry about with these guys.

Steve Suddreth

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