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Good News !


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Good News!

I just wanted to let everyone in the BM59 community know that there are now available Gas cylinders available for the BM62/69 or your BM59 if you want to do away with the Flip Up grenade launcher site.

Check out standard www.standardpartsllc.com

I will report back in a couple days when mine arrives and give a evaluation on one.

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I cant wait to hear. Lets hear a little bit about that maker as well.



I did receive mine from the first production run and it fits and functions great. It is tight which is good, I have not fired it but a brief hand cycling I have to give it a thumbs up. The BM62 gas cylinder is made by Standard Parts LLC,right here in the USA.

Some other good news is this G/C is cut for the bipod like some of the BM69's.

The part no. 59-0001. Retail price will be around $119 ea


Other upcoming news is the production of BM62/69 muzzle guard with the "E" model port holes which makes a very effective break yet at the same time keeps the short overall length.Great for guys like me that want the shorter rifle. When you add the standard break,you add 5-7 " of length,which to me defeats the appeal of the shorter more handy Tanker type rifle. If all goes well the breaks should be out in 60 to 90 days.

John, I suspect the break will look almost identical to the one you had made by your machinist friend.


I think we should applaud Standard parts for bringing these parts to market for us. Lets face it,no one is making anything for the BM59.


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