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Any more info on Israeli TMT IV Stens?

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I'm in position to get another transferable. I've been eyeing up Stens for a while and I've got my eye on one that is priced well. The only issue is that it is an Israeli built version. It has some rough welds, which I guess is typical for them in particular. Runs perfectly according to the seller.


I've wanted one for a while but never really gave Israeli ones a thought until I saw this one. Always had in my mind that I would get one that was mostly Brit made. Are most of the tube guns such a mishmash of parts that I shouldn't worry about this? Also, I buy these to have fun shooting of course, but will it being an Israeli gun hurt the long term value at all, or is a tube sten simply a tube sten, regardless of background?


Thanks ahead of time.









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Its a tube gun w a parts kit. Not sure if the Israel kit that was used adds value or not


Kits today are $200


If it runs and the price is cheap grab it.


Looks like strong/large welds and a nice finish


Lots of stens on the market right now. Id be looking for $6000-$6300 range unless its a dlo


Guys tell me they have sold for under $6,000 but Ive yet to

See any listed close


Mine is in jail but it was very enjoyable to shoot once for a $6,000 Gun

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