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Sentinel Arms Striker 12

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I have a couple and a sweeper (essentially the same thing other than the drum key). Pros: retro, cool looking, somewhat potentially useful, small/ compact, collectible. You can mix any ammo you like and it will fire trouble free which may be their biggest strength.

cons: registration and tax, not as fast or functional as many semi auto's on the market. The USAS 12 is faster with a bigger payload, but of course there are many "paperwork free" shotguns now that are functionally similar or maybe better? All the semi's are ammo sensitive beginning with my rem 11.


I own all of these as collectibles and enjoy looking at them, occasionally pondering how legislators could be so corrupt or ignorant to ban them? Often that is enough to gain my interest in some of these things and every time I walk past them I am constantly reminded of why we have a constitution and that alone almost makes it worthwhile having spent the money on them. Function is not a category I put a high value on, but they all work and function fine. If you have any specific questions fire away. HTH

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I have a striker 12 I registered in the amnesty on them. Folding stock and 18 inch barrel I cut down to 12 inches and registered that way. Got it cheap, and fired it when I made it. I don't think I fired it since. Sort of hangs on the wall with the other DDs.

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