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SAS - Rogue Heros

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    Has anyone had the opportunity to review the movie or series "Rogue Hero's" on some network called EPIX.  It's about the forming and operations of the SAS early WW2 tearing up North Africa.  I enjoy movies / tv productions that accurately depict the use of explosives and of course Thompsons.  It seems to be very well done, of course focusing on their exploits as well as conflicting personalities.  Watching various clips on Youtube, there appears to quite a bit of closeup Thompson action. 

    I haven't had time to explore this show as yet and thought I would put it out there to see if anyone has any input.

    Thanks, JB  

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I watched it and enjoyed it from a drama point of view.

When talking about the series to a number of ex SAS soldiers I have worked with over the years, they said from their knowledge, (they all served in the late 1960's, 1970's & 1980's so a long time after WW2), the story is far from 100% accurate. They have heard many first hand accounts from many WW2 veterans from the Regt. over the years, as you can imagine, they are a close knit community.

The family of Paddy Mayne are also not too happy how he was portrayed in the series apparantly.

Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne’s niece hits out at BBC’s ‘drunk Irishman’ portrayal of him - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

The UKs Spectator magazine also broached the subject of the BBC's political correctness, in an article entitled "Invented female characters are a betrayal of history". It covers the 'Rogue Heros' but also the BBCs 'A Spy Among Friends'

The article states that "Both series largely stick to the facts meticulously recorded by Macintyre and feature real historical figures. Rogue Heroes is populated by square jawed chaps like David Stirling, Jock Lewis and Paddy Mayne who founded the SAS and got their jollies careering round Nazi airstrips blowing up planes. A Spy Among Friends, set in the same era, has goofy upper class SIS/MI6 spooks in suits and bars failing to twig that their chum Kim is a double agent working for Stalin.

There are, however, prominent cast members in both series who do not figure in either the historical record or Macintyre’s books. That is because they never existed. These fictional figures dreamed up by the dramas’ writers are both women. Rogue Heroes has a Free French femme fatale played by Algerian actress Sofia Boutella. Her character beds some of our square-jawed chaps in a bid to extract SAS secrets".

But, there is no taking away from it that Rogue Heros is good entertainment.

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