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Converting Full auto trigger group to semi BAR 1918A2

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As this is my first post - Just wanted to say hello! :)

Does anybody know how to convert BAR1918A2 trigger to semi? If anybody would have any pictures what is the difference between these slow fire and semi I would be much obliged!

Also if anybody knows a shop that could ship BAR trigger group to Europe, that would also help a lot.


As for conversion - it also breaks my heart, believe me :( Unfortunately this is weird polish law.



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The WWII trigger group that has FA (fast) and Slow FA is very similar to the WWi trigger that has fast and semi. The Slow fire is actually semi that is triggered by the actuator in the buttstock. Remove the actuator and spring and the BAR will fire semi on the slow setting.

I think you are in Europe so no discussion about semi requirements here in the US.

If you can get a copy of "Rock in a Hard Place" by J L Ballou you can see the tigger mechanisms on P 268-270 and P 290




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Hello Lukasz, welcome to the boards. I made a post in the full auto board a while back about how to convert the slow/fast A2 group to semi mode to follow the function of the 1918 semi/full, which would be another method to convert without any mods in the buffer/actuator. If you have an A2 weapon I suspect that simply removing the "sear release stop lever" will change slow mode to semi only (without moding the sear as shown in my post, this would only be needed in the early 1918 style receiver). Maybe with this change and fixing the selector to semi only via a weld or pin you can meet the requirements of your Polish law?


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That video is far better than the one developed by the Army. For what it's worth, new technology helps, A LOT. The graphics are excellent and better show what is going on inside.


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