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Paramarine M55 Reising Jump Bag - eBay

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I have two questions about this: M55 Jump Bag

a) Is the price even right? (I don't intend to buy it, just curious)

b) It's labeled 2nd pattern, what's the first? An then there are two patterns of the camo jump bags, right?

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I personally don’t know the difference between first and second pattern. When I picked up my similar bag about three or four years ago I got it for half that price. Obviously someone wanted it since it sold. 

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This should be the first and second pattern/type of OD3 jump cases.

For comparison, the last photo shows Camo jump case, type 1, OD3 jump case type 2 and Camo jump case type 1 (similar to OD3 type 1).


(not my photos)

Case, Jump - OD3_4.1.jpg





Case, Jump - OD3_4.2.jpg

Case, Jump - OD3 (front).jpg

Case, Jump - OD3 (back).jpg

Case, Jump - comparison.jpg

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