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Ithaca Model 37 Trench Gun?

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I bought what at the time I though was a Ithaca Model 37 Trench Gun.....It has the serial number 57925 and appears to be in the correct serial number range located between the barrel and magazine tube......it has the exploding bomb ordnance mark and inspectors initials "RLB" on the left side and has "P" Proof mark on the barrel along with "ITHACA GUN CO. INC, ITHACA N.Y. - MODEL 37 (See attached pictures.  Everything that I have read has said that WWII Model 37 Trench Guns did not come with the game scene but this one has it.......what do I have??  A converted riot gun done by the government?  If so is it a legit Trench Gun? 




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I don't have any experience with Ithaca's but I would guess it is just an early receiver with a game scene.

If the barrel has a hole near the muzzle, then it could be a converted riot gun.

Nice looking gun, wish it was mine.

Jim C

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