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Wtk 1919 For Sale?

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Howdy, all. I anticipate having funds for a transferable 1919 sometime this week. I routinely check Subguns.com and Sturmgewehr, and I plan on calling the bigger dealers to see what they have, but do any of you know of other 1919's for sale at this time? Sideplate guns are what I'm looking for due to price of C&R's, and a shooter is what I would like. I appreciate any assistance that you guys can give me.
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You may want to contact these dealers -


www.autoweapons.com - I have dealt with Van in the past. A bit pricey but top quality.


www.davidspiwak.com - I dealt with him on an uzi - very good guy.


www.nfasales.com - I have talked with John in the past. He is on sturmgewehr a lot and sees a lot of guns. He may be able to tell you where one is.


Good luck.


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