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Help...thompson Jam Problems

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I have been shooting Speer 230 gr. fmj in my 1911's and newly purchased Auto Ordinance semi-auto Thompson...I have shot the Thompson now for almost 4 weeks and until today I only had a problem once with the 10rd drum...I assumed I had not wound it enough ....however, today I had problems with the drum and the 30 rnd stick mag.... both jammed on me several times...I am using the same ammo from the same case, the gun was clean, ... the bullets would get jammed on an angle...I also noticed the empty shell casings were ending up mis-shapened (on the slug end)....Any ideas on what the problem may be and how to fix it??...THANKS IN ADVANCE

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I have the Auto Ordnance 1927 A-1 also. I bought it five years ago and I hardly put any rounds thru it. Total was about 200. Every three to five rounds the same exact thing that you described would happen. It would jam on an angle. I had the thing sent back to Kahr (yuck), and they replaced the ejector and the bolt. I took it out since and I shot at the hundred yard range. I t fired flawlessly. I actually got three inch groups at 100 yards! The other guys couldnt believe their eyes. I hope that this helps you out.



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Sounds like the proverbial trip back to Kahr!

After one or two trips back home they seem to work a whole lot better. Better yet, send it to a real pro such as PK here on the list. You will be one happy camper.

As for Kahr, imagine if an automobile company funtioned this way?



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PK, PK, PK .... Nothing else to say. You will be very pleased. Nothing worse than a gun that won't work.


My $.03!!!

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I would guess that the ejector is not funtioning properly and is interfereing somehow with the next round.

Have to look at it to be sure. PK will be the guy to ask or fix it actually, he's very highly recomended around here!


I feel truly blessed with my 1991 West Hurley, In the thousands of rounds I have put through it I can't remember a single jam, and that's with XXX box mags and my "L" drum! It appears I am the exeption to the rule however, as most people seem to have no end of trouble with their semi-automatic Thompson carbines. The only problem I ever had was the rear sight rivits popping loose, and that was easily fixed with a tap wrench and some screws and lock-tight.














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