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Barrel Change Out

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If a West Hurley barrel was to be changed out with one from a Savage parts kit, is proper head space an issue, or does this occur when the foregrip hanger is fully seated and the barrel has bottomed out against the reciever? There doesn't appear to be any markings on my West Hurley reciever that would correspond with the line on the Savage barrel. None of the manuals I've read about barrel replacement address the issue of head spaceing to any extent.




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IF the barrel and receiver are dimensioned correctly, headspace is assured. Most of these parts are, but I have seen exceptions.


They are designed to torqued together with the back of the barrel flange squarely seated on the face of the receiver and be right, irrespective of any witness marks on either part. Be sure the tab on the grip mount is not above the face of the receiver.


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