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  1. Very nice late war rifle it has been listed for several months with no buyers. Price is up there for a GB sale. It would probably do better at one of the morphys auctions. The recession is already here imo and some toys are going to be sold off for sure.
  2. This one just listed might be the real deal?? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/934106360
  3. I told him the 41 stamped on the barrel has nothing to do with the military. Winchester stamped it in 1941 as date of the barrel mfg. of course he doesnt believe me and the heat shield is clearly not a WW1 edition.
  4. check out this dreamer...nice solid frame '97 but?? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/925075145
  5. another fake https://www.gunbroker.com/Item/924947485
  6. I agree with the above posts. That bomb stamp on the repro bayonet mount is a new one for me lol...the gun is a nice PD piece other than the faked stuff,
  7. The police markings look authentic but the rest idk. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/924756279
  8. Yes the 38/42 and earlier 38a used the heavier style bolt with a narrow recoil spring. The spring pin assembly protruded thru the end cap.
  9. This sale started out at $39k. I think its a very nice late war model and i agree with bobs comments 100%. A refinished Haenel just went for $32 and some change out the door at Morphys.
  10. There are a couple of spring loaded pins that engage when the shoulder rest is flipped open. You could try some penetrating oil and give it a good wiggle to break it free. Its not a problem to tap the pins out and service it. If the pins are snug now they will tap back in and stay no problem.
  11. Its easy to tell the difference between a vintage receiver and a tube gun.
  12. The repro heat shield / bayonet mounts will work with barrels that have a taper.
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