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  1. By the way anyone looking for .30 ammo cheaper than dirt has it for $29.95 @ box. Armscor got it in 3 days.
  2. I got a registered parts kit (trigger housing) a few years ago. Sunday I finally found some local who sold me a postal meter carbine for a host. Being unfamiliar with the gun disassembly and installation of the extra parts was a little frustrating. I ordered some KCI 30rd mags and ammo so hopefully it arrives by weekend to test fire. The hardest part for me was getting the slide off and the trip lever under the dis connector. Here she is done.
  3. Shoot shack in Lithia Fl. You can shoot anything but glass😝. Located the backside of a farm! IMG_3906.3gp IMG_3905.3gp IMG_3899.3gp
  4. Yea ordered it Tuesday from Val and got it Friday. It seems more cosmetic.
  5. Thank you. It's never been on the gun since I got it 5 yrs ago. Is it necessary for the hole to be plugged?
  6. What is the threaded hole in the rear of my AM 180 receiver for? Am I missing a cover for it? Thanks
  7. At least he picked the one with least recoil. Honestly at what age are you starting your kids shooting?
  8. Ac556, Lage mac 10/9, AM180, waiting on m2 carbine kit to be approved.
  9. Found a dealer in OK who had this and another NIB US property marked for sale. I bought it for $30k and since it was in his name it was on a form 4. It took a year to transfer to my dealer then another 9 months to transfer to me. I wish now I would have bought the other one too.
  10. Looking for an M1 carbine host for M2 registered kit. Nothing expensive.
  11. Never ever will I buy on a form 4 from out of state😠.
  12. I bought a broadhead armory kit registered Winchester housing no host. Paid a little under $10k back in June 2022.
  13. I think for that kind of money they want the markings to reflect that is indeed firing full auto.
  14. The Winchester M2 trigger housing has the s/n.
  15. Thanks guys. It wasnt my dream gun but was a good price. The other thing that sucks is the cost of ammo. Never knew .30 carbine was so expensive. What about the new Inland guns? Specifically the advisor.
  16. I have a pending Broadhead Armory registered trigger group pending now. What is the best host for reliability? Also heard 30rd mags are an issue. How do I find the right ones? Thanks
  17. Same guy offered me a NIB m16a2 carbine US property marked for $40k. Maybe I should have bought both.
  18. I bought a m16a2 in July of last year for $30k and it is auto marked. Still waiting on transfer from my dealer but I would say it's worth $40k to $50k now.
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