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  1. State of residence was the contributing factor, hence the reason for the custom barrel.
  2. Sure is a beautiful rifle DTD! I suspect that it won't last long!!
  3. how would a BATFE agent, with a full load of caffeine view, a 13.5 inch barrel with the compensator attached? technically, the compensator is removable, and the true barrel length is less than 16 inches, that is, regarding a gun that did not originate as a pistol... 14.125 correct threads on both ends and fins... from the green mountain barrel webpage I would not know I just know that they are being made for that purpose also they are welding the comps into place, the threads I read say they are 16" I am just the messenger sprat You have a linky?
  4. Short answer.....If the same were produced today-yes, even with a 13.5" barrel, unfortunately. This is the reason why Kahr used a TSMG length barrel with horizontal handguard. There has been a lot of discussion on various forums about this in conjunction with AR pistols and vertical grips.
  5. Thanks for the update Bob. I guess time will tell............
  6. I was going by what Doug had listed in his catalog. I haven't seen one, nor have heard of anyone who has completed one. From the PIC on his website, it appears that at least one was finished. I realize other parts need modification, and new parts needed.
  7. Looks very nice. Utilizing a Richardson style 2S-1 receiver for a '27 would IMO, be more beneficial since it pretty much duplicates the force to draw the actuator back like a real TSMG, since the bolt cavity has been extended all the way back, unlike those of N/K. On that note, any update on the Polston, or is it dead?
  8. If you want to get it super clean, I use Gunscrubber with the wood off. I also use an air compressor for the nooks and crannies, long cotton tails, and lube with SLIP2000. As far as the bore. For me, Boresnakes are good enough, unless REALLY dirty.
  9. I haven't read anything new in a long time either. Perhaps the project is dead?
  10. Some of those vertical grips appears to be Deerslayers?
  11. Hi Dan Yes they are made specifically for stencils. There are several different manufactures, so you may want to shop around for the model that suits your needs best. Most take a cartridge, but I've seen another that you pour paint into. They really work well on the polypropylene stencils, as well as the standard oil boards. BTW, fabulous cases! They look great.
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