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Pivot Plate- Blue Or Parked?

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Dulite can appear different depending on how smooth the surface applied to, from a dull black very similar looking to parkerizing to a shiny mirror finish. In your pick the plate looked 2 toned, but the finish looked a little thin for pakerizing.



just my .02, don't shoot me if I'm wrong. hard to tell looking at pics, or in a basment for that matter.



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I agree with Bisley45. Depending on how the surface was prepared the black oxide finish can resemble parkerizing. The pins were left smooth so they wouldn't bind when replacing the pivot plate.
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Photos being what they are….. this does not looked parked to me. Wish I had it in my hand, it would be easy to tell.


Bear in mind that the pieces were riveted together and then finished; all the pieces should have the same finish.


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