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Time To Sell And Move On

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I will be selling my West Hurley C&R Thompson M1A1. The gun is in excellent condition. I bought it from the original owner who took the time to polish the entire receiver, cut the drum slots, and make the barrel a quick-change (similar to the thread below) type barrel. The gun is currently setup with a screw-mounted Lyman "type" rear sight, a finned barrel with Cutts compensator and a removeable buttstock (ala 1928 style).


The gun will come with:

extra buttstock

1928 front grip and M1A1 grip

3 extra barrels

thirty (yes 30) 30 round magazines

one 50 round drum

a few other spare parts

shipped in a cabella's aluminum rifle case and extra boxes (add $200)


What would this be worth?


The gun runs 100%. I have had about 1 or 2 jams ever.


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i've seen one M1A1 WH sell for $6700 recently and another at $7500. but yours is more modified with a heck of a lot more stuff involved.


i think there is one detractor with your gun though, the cut drum slots on the receiver. am i correct in these cuts could weaken an M1A1 receiver as it is different than a 1928 receiver? that might lessen the value of your gun some.


what kind of drum is it?

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i could be off, but i'll throw a dart in the wind. i'm bored at work. LOL http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


Gun: $7500

Mags: $400 ?? (what kind xxx??)

Drum: $600 (dunno who made it, ie, WH, Bridgeport, etc. this could change!)

Case: $200

Barrels: $450 (what about $150 each?? maybe more?)

wood: $100-125?? haven't priced wood out lately


you're getting close to $9,500 or so. would it sell for this?? who knows. those drum cuts are really making me think though, as to if it could affect its value???

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I seriously doubt the cuts have any structural effect at all.


The magazines are all seymour i believe, and 75% of them are unused. I won't say NIW, but I haven't touched them, I only used about 6 of them.


I'll get together a suite of photos over the next couple of days.


Pretty sure it's a WH drum, gotta check, but it also runs 100%.


the $9500 is somewhere where I was thinking too; no rust or anything.


- .dave.

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heck ask $20,000 and let somebody make you a offer.......


i hope you sell it quick,as i hope and say a prayer that the whole m.g.market in 2004 will drop off..............and prices will drop to 1970 level's...........


you see i only have one colt 21a.............so i can care less what they drop to..............i just want everybody else to be able to afford one...........and all this $20,000 to $50,000 freakin hype would end...........


i am sick of all the rip-off prices people are paying.........for "just a gun"


it is not the cure for cancer we are talking about buying and selling.


i know some will say sour grape's.............just ask them if they wish they paid 1,000 or 2,000 or 3,000 for that tommygun instead of the big buck's. remember some have paid low bucks for them,

and some people bought them a number of years ago,but some in the past five years paid dearly for the same gun's...


anyhow you will sell it.there is someone right now counting the cash.....................they have the addiction going...............and once its gone,the time will pass it always doe's...............


and you just go on to other thing's..............the circle of life..................."the lion thing"oh!king!!


wink,take care,ron

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