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Colt/savage Vertical Grip Comparison

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Received the loan of a Savage vertical grip recently. It is marked with a nice "S" on the back so assuming its savage....dangerous to assume I suppose, but we'll call it a Savage for now.


Anyway, different shape. First picture shows outline of each.



Second picture shows both grips, colt on the left, savage on the right.



The savage is noticably thicker (front to back) as you hold it in hand. It is not as "Nice" of a feel. Though I didn't post a picture from the bottom, it is quite asymetrical side to side.


If anybody has a unmolested savage gun with vertical grip, can you comment if your savage has a suitably similar type vertical grip?


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Thank you very much for posting this, it is very valuable info and images comparing the two.


I however would like to play devil's advocate and say that for myself, I actually prefer the savage vertical grip over the colt. I believe the reason for this is due to the fact that I have long skinny hands, hence a thicker grip for me to wrap my hands around feels better. But again it all comes down to personal preference and the size of you hooves I suppose!! haha

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Interesting. Here is a pic of an early (40K range) Savage found in Iraq. There was a thread on it afew years back. The grip is most likely original with the British treatment.



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