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  1. Very nice! To accurately depict prohibition era, the M1 Thompsons are an exception, but I still like them on that rack. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  2. You can state in the appropriate box that you are traveling to the All Thompson Show and Shoot at the Hill residence in Licking County, Ohio. David
  3. I just finished moving all the obvious, old topics that are relevant to this new forum. I left a marker in their previous locations that will point them here now. BTW, the reason that I did not add a S&W Model 76 and related SMG forum previously is that one already existed on Uzitalk. My friend who formerly owned Uzitalk and I had an informal agreement that we would not add forums that already existed on each other's sites, so I did not want to add it previously. I acquired Uzitalk from my friend last year, and now that everything has been successfully migrated, and also based on the amount of discussion of this topic here in the Class III Forum, I decided to go ahead with it. I think it will be a good forum with a decent amount of traffic. Enjoy, and Thanks! David
  4. Based on a request from a member, I am creating this new forum for discussion of Swedish and Finnish submachine guns, which will include discussion of the S&W Model 76, and the MK760 series of firearms. I am moving related, earlier posts from the Class III forum to this new form, and leaving a link in the original forum. I may not have time to move everything, as it is a one by one process, but I'll move it as I see it. Enjoy! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  5. Hi Richard, Bob at Philadelphia Ordnance has what remains of Doug's inventory. David
  6. I've had a very busy week, and have not been able to spend much time here at all. It appears there were some feathers ruffled, and I hope everyone will step back and take a deep breath. We're here to talk about Thompsons. This is a civil, friendly forum. There are many experts here, and it's a wealth of information. That being said, attending either of the shows brings benefits to Thompson enthusiasts that pale when compared to an online forum. I encourage attendance at either. Let's move forward, be friendly and civil, and keep the Thompson history alive. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  7. Hi Jerry, Feel free to post your items for sale here in a single post. David
  8. i want to donate 50.00 with paypal how do i david soper

    1. dalbert


      I just saw that you figured it out.  Thank you very much for the donation!  I will update your account appropriately.

      Thanks Again!


  9. Dave,

    Never mind, I found your Sturmgewehr address and sent you the money.




  10. Hi Dave,

    Sorry, for not responding sooner,  It has been awhile since I donated to the Board.  What is your email address again?  I would like to donate by PayPal.



    Chuck Schauer

    1. dalbert


      Hi Chuck!  My email address is as follows:


      Hope to see you soon.

      Thank you so much!


  11. I'm a little late posting this, but last week, three of us made the trek to Novi, Michigan to do a display of Thompsons, all but one of which were from Tracie's collection. It's quite an effort and risk on Tracie's part to do the display, but the outpouring of thanks that we received throughout the weekend was truly outstanding, and made it all worth it. The display was extremely well received. The SVDM Thompsons were also supposed to be present, but an event at the Berrien County Sheriff's office kept them from sending them. Nevertheless, Mike Klein's niece displayed many photos from the SVDM display on Saturday, and her passion for carrying on Mike's legacy was evident. I hope you enjoy the photos below from the display. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  12. It's the best weekend of the year! It's also the origin of many lasting friendships that I cherish. Too many to list here, each unique in their own way, but with the TSMG at their core. Keep the Thompson history alive! David
  13. Here is a link to download the 32nd Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot information and registration form. http://www.sturmgewehr.com/dalbert/TATA/32 final.pdf David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
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