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New Carbine Club Website is Now Online!

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As promised, The Carbine Club has moved to an online presence for 2016, following the publication of the final, physical newsletter in October, 2015. The newsletter content can be seen in "The Club/Current Newsworthy Items" section.


Here is the new Carbine Club website link:




As of this writing, you can still be among the first 100 members of the new site.




David Albert


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David & Peter,

I just viewed Peters M2 carbine on the above link.

One of the readers questioned why there were 2 slide stop indents on the receiver. One near the front and one near the rear.

The indent near the rear of the receiver was done by Inland to hold the bolt open.

The indent near the front was done later, probably after leaving the military. If used , this indent will move the slide away from the piston to prevent empties from being ejected.

Many years ago it was written about in the American Rifleman magazine and thought to be a good idea for saving brass. .

Later it was discovered that this modification resulted in cracked gas piston housings.

Do not use. Jim C

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