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The Irish Mob on Netflix. It is a must see.

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Sorry, if this is old news. Netflix series featuring a few stories about gangsters of the 20/30's. Thompson fu in the first episode.


One of the later gangsters featured is Danny Green. If you haven't seen the movie "Kill the Irishman," it is a must see.


My girlfriend's mother's side was involved in both the Irish and Italian mobs in New York and New Jersey and my mom grew up in an Italian neighborhood in downtown Philly in the 1920's. Lots of stories there. Nothing really cool, but still.....

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Girlfriend's Uncle ***** of NYC (name was changed to protect me), now retired to the Hamptons (property courtesy of an old "dry cleaning"....cough...gambling...cough debt), shared with me a mob secret on our last visit. Put beef bullion cubes in the water before you boil it for Nathan's or Sabrett's hotdogs. Since we are both retired, he felt safe sharing that with me (and you didn't hear it from me). Your welcome. He's got the whole Godfather garden going on in the backyard. It's neat talking about old times with him. Edited by Waffen Und Bier
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