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Detonics 45

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Top of the morning to all of you.I am new t this forum and have just acquired a Detonics .45, Stainless from a friend who unfortunately cant remember anything related to this weapon. I am trying to assist him. With that being said, the gun is in good condition, Stainless with a belt clip in between the right wooden checkered grip and the frame. (of which I believe is aftermarket) The weapon was manufactured in Seattle WA. by Detonics Assocs. With a serial number 3XXX which is stamped on the right side. The left side has the engraved 'DETONICS .45" . I'v done some research and believe the weapon to be a Servicemaster II, but not thoroughly convinced. With all the expertise on this forum I thought my questions would be answered. I have attached four photos which I hope will help.


1. Am I correct in the weapon is a Servicemaster II?

2. What year was it manufactured?



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I believe this is a Combatmaster Mk VI. Production was probably 1984, but that is a guess solely based on the serial, and the total number of pistols made that year. We don't have exact serial number data. The belt clip is aftermarket, and it looks like it has a manufacturer stamp, if you'd like to share it here.


Have you checked out our original website Detonics info? It's 21 years old, but still good stuff...




David Albert


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