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German WWII Flaregun with History

WWII Collector

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Hello all,


Here is my German WWII flare gun. It was recovered out of the wreck of a

Heinkel He-111 bomber which crashed in Iceland in May 1941. It is dated 1940.

The Iron cross is also recovered from the wreck. It belonged to the pilot,

Oblt Hans Joachim Durfeld. Later I found a copy of Durfeld´s wedding photo.

He was in the Kriegsmarine, before transferring into the Luftwaffe.





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Actually in ca. 1990 the sister of Oblt Durfeld was interviewed by an Icelandic reporter. It was in
that newspaper article I found this wedding photo which I copied. That is why its so poor quality.
I tried to get in touch with reporter / sister, but so far no luck. Will maybe try again now, think I found
the reporters contact. You are in Germany?

Mit Grussen

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Hello WW2 Collector, no, I am not in Germany, I am in America. I just like the cool German WW2 stuff. Could you tell me a bit about the firearms laws in your country? I am very interested in firearms laws around the world. Can you own German WW2 machine guns in Iceland? What about other guns like handguns, rifles, shotguns?

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Hello. There are 4 catagories: A Licence, which is the first one you get. You need to be 20 years old, clean criminal record and

get a physc eval from a Dr. Then its is a 3 day course, theaory, practical and a test. When I did this yearssss ago, and was picking

up my new licence, a strange looking boy was coming to get a refund, because he was denied a licence.


The A licence only allows you to buy small cal rifles like .22 and non semi auto shotguns.


Once you had the A licence for one year, with no offences recorded, you can apply for B licence.

That gives you the right to own large cal rifles up to 8MM max and semi auto shotguns.


C licence is a speciality for demolitions guys.


D licence is for hand guns. Need to be in a gun club for a min of 2 years, and the club has to sign your

Police application.This gives you also a licence for semi auto rifles, which are already on the registry.

(not to import new SA rifles. That was banned in 1977)


For larger them 8mm rifles or large cal hunting rifles, you need to take an additional course or show that

you are a big game hunter.


Collector licence is in a catagory of its own. Lots of requirements. Burglar alarm, you storage area inspected

by Police and fire dept. I think a gun licence for 10 years min. With this licence, you can own machine guns,

deactivated or live. But you need to apply for a permit to use them which is valid for 1 year.


Gun ownership in Iceland is very high, I think 14th ranking in the world. Yet, In the past 30 years, I can only

think of 3 murders where guns were involved.




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Wow, that is very interesting. It is a good thing that many people own and still enjoy their guns in Iceland. Are there specialty shows in Iceland for the gun collectors and escpecially for the guys that own the Collector License? If someoen has a Collector License can they buy from another EU country and have it brought in for their collection or must any gun on a Collector License already reside in Iceland?

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No, gun shows are rare. The rules and regulation are changing all the time. Right now, Iceland is a non EU member. A premier website in the UK, selling

deactivated EU spec guns, also has a section, for Non EU export. Meaning, that countries outside of the "EU mafia" can import less destroyed guns.


Or right now, in our case, we can get live guns, from the few European contries that can leagally sell them. Import / export is becoming a nightmare.




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