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Austen Questions -Recoil Spring and Barrel

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I just received an Austen that wouldnt run. Light strikes.Bolt would close without detonating. Tried many kinds of ammo including federal which is

known for softer primers. Solution: I took a sten spring,cut 3 inches and added it onto the captured recoil spring assembly.It runs 100% now.

Question: Can that recoil spring assembly be disassembled and a new spring added?



2. Are any of the sten barrels compatible?It has a cut for indexing


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it can be disassembled and a new spring replacement. I haven't had mine apart (fact is I can't find it right now?) but like an MP40 I'm sure it comes apart. You might have friction issues in the assembly or other issues? Adding that secondary spring can act as a "booster" raising the rate of fire. Some guys like that, but I'd rather it be a little slower. I guess the other option might be an MP40 assembly or the clone version as an easy replacement. Without comparing them side x side I'm not sure it would fit? If I can find the stuff soon, (those are all questions I was already wondering about but were low on the priority list) I'll dig into it.

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