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I have six Sten and three Lanchester mags for my Mk 1*

All but one share the same construction. The oddball has these differences:

  • No witness holes for cartridge counting
  • A small notch cut in the top front edge which may be there help cartridge feeding
  • The usual U-shaped channel on the back is replaced by a deep v-shaped crease
  • There is a separate piece welded in to the top rear of the mag undre the reinforcement which creates the recess for the mag loader catch

The magazine is marked with "MB 1" midway down the front face and "N 45" at the bottom of the front face. The baseplate which may not be original to the mag is marked with "FLL" in a diamond.


Anyone have a clue what it is?


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I have no idea why. I have a pile of Sten mags here and the only ones that really stood out were the Finnish ones. Superb finish and quality made them stand out enough I took a second glance and looked into it and culled them from the herd, but generally speaking I don't pay any attention to them and they remain neglected. Years back I picked up a full 7 cell pouch at the creek, now that I am going to go look for one of these days since I see the pricing going crazy. Might be something in the Sten book, but I can't recall?

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