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Cowan's Has 5 Flare Pistols in Upcoming Auction


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I noticed that Cowan's has 3 lots with a total of 5 flare pistols coming up for auction soon.  The first one is an M8 made by Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company.




David Albert

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On 6/23/2023 at 7:49 AM, BPinFL said:

Hello David:  

       Do you know of any source of information on the values of WW2 era flare guns?  I have quite a few I got from an uncle and was going to sell them.

       Thanks for the Board! BP

I don't think there is a guide.  Gunbroker closed auctions may be your best bet.  If they are U.S. flare guns, I can give you a ballpark, but the German and Japanese versions are all over the place on price, and I'm not as familiar.


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