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1943 Bren mk2 questions

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I have a chance to get a Bren parts kit but no almost nothing about it. How many serial numbers are on it? Where the barrels number to the gun? I’m not sure what I don’t know any help would be appreciated to help get a fair price on this thing! Thanks

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I have a cut/welded DLO Bren. It is a great gun to shoot, probably shoot it more than my BAR. Serial no. is on the top back of the body or receiver. some small parts have part numbers on them that don't match the serial numbers. Date of production may be on the body. None of my barrel numbers match the body number. unless they have been electro penciled on. Avoid parts marked DP, for Drill Purpose- worn out/ unserviceable. Get Thomas Dugelby's book "the Bren Gun Saga". BRP guns and Apex have plenty of spare parts. Barrels and Mags are relatively cheap. Not sure of the going price for kits, Check GB. Good Luck, BP

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