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New to the forum & going SBR

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Appreciate being able to join a forum with so much info on my new (to me) Kahr Thompson M1.

Purchased my M1 used, (manufactured 12/23/22) with one Kahr 30 rd mag.  Had numerous FTChamber rds each mag loading.  Tried to disassembly it for cleaning and had to take a wooden mallet to get it moving.  Don’t believe the original owner ever disassembled.


Being a long time 1911 owner, spent time polishing bolt, extractor anything I could find that may be causing the rd to fail to chamber.  Nothing worked, so started web searching.  Luckily I found this forum and Dan.


After talking to Dan, I submitted my eForm1 for SBR and started shopping for a 10” barrel and USGI mags.  This morning my Form1 was approved (17 days total) so boxed up my ailing M1 and preparing to ship it off to Dan.


Currently up to page 26 of the semi forum and have learned a ton of info.  Appreciate all the time, effort and information you members have posted in those pages.  Very informative to a new member.  

I currently own an IBM M1 Carbine (Jan 1944) so the Thompson has a buddy in the gun safe.  

Reloading the 45 ACP makes shooting the M1 & 1911’s frequent and inexpensive fun times.



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