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She is beautiful.  I swapped out the Colt internals to shoot it.  Can someone please confirm the information from the book on this serial?  I was told it was purchased by Poattawattamie County Sheriff's Office, Council Bluffs Iowa on 10/31/21.  That date doesn't seem right?



20230923_135848 (1).jpg


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According to Gordon's latest edition your gun was shipped to the Pottawattamie County Sheriffs Office on 10/23/33.

Law Enforcement Ordnance Co. Athens, Georgia 12/30/74 $1875.00

Law Enforcement Ordnance Co. Athens, Georgia   3/7/75 $1975.00

Thomas Jones collection Dallas, Texas (no date)

Ernest Huey collection Houston, Texas 12/85

I have no idea why there are two LEO dates and prices.

My guess regarding 10/31/21 is that was the date of manufacture. Perhaps more knowledgeable members will chime in.

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You are correct 10/21/1931 is the manufacturing date.  The gun was made as a 1921 Model as were all the 15,000 Colt guns.  The 1928 Model was marketed in 1928 and made from the original supply of 15,000 guns.  The gun was put together as a 1928 Model and shipped in 1933.

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