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Build a personal STGW57 semi from currently available parts kits????

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New to this realm of builds.

I have gotten the bug for an SIG STGW57 or variant.

I see lots of parts kits available now.

I also see new manufactured receiver sections.

so, my questions:

1. how do you comply with 922R when doing a build with the current parts kits?

2. who offers sufficient US made parts for an STGW57 to make a 922R compliant rifle? seems like no one is offering enough US made parts of rthe STGW57 parts kits to make them 922R compliant. Or am I missing something?

3. now we have the ATF issue of non compliance for auto versus semi auto receiver. since ATF doesn't have model specific guidelines, how/what do you do to be safe and legal. 

I want to build one but will not do anything that is not 100% legal. 




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Here are 2 places that most people start.
The semiauto receiver pieces from Honeycreek manufacturing:

HoneyCreek MFG on Gunbroker

A source of US made grips as another 922 part

US made STGW-57 grips on Gunbroker

The barrel is one of the harder items to source as it has an unusual chamber.


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so, is anyone making any parts to do a legal 922r compliant build?

I see receiver replacement section and  pistol grip are available. 

who is looking at making barrels?

does anyone have a spec for barrel? (profile dimensions?

would it have to have fluted chamber? I think not for non combat conditions use. If so, an HK91 fluted chamber barrel could possibly be remachined/adapted possibly? they have fluted chambers.


based on the images of kits,

looks like trunnions, bolt, bolt carrier, trigger housing, trigger, hammer, sear, disconnector,  magazine body, follower  would be the original parts that probably have to stay and no one will tool up for them. thats the max. foreign  10 parts .

what do you think?


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