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Any pointers on Installing the front sight spring?

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9 minutes ago, Subguns said:

Any info is greatly appreciated!


Absolutely! Have more than one because you'll probably break it! This is a tough SOB to install, especially if you don't want to scratch the front sight surfaces. AND, the tension on the spring is sooooooo much! I found that there are two ways, both equally bad: 1) insert one side first and then using some type of blunt tool (maybe a hardwood dowel) and a pair of needle nose pliers to  stabilize the piece, push it into place. You'll have to clamp the shroud to keep it from moveing. 2) grease up the sight surfaces and insert the leaf spring equally on both sides, pushing with a dowel from the middle. 

Send us a follow note on how it went!

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8 hours ago, Subguns said:

Much appreciated Scott!


You really need an extra hand to do this.  Andrewski told me he hates installing the leaf springs!

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  • 1 month later...

And I just broke one of the two extras that I had. UGH. I wonder how it was done at the factory.

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  • 4 weeks later...

They had a $$$$ tool to hold it in place, of course.

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And there you have it! Where did you find the technical page? Wow! This is probably a field armorers guide as surely (Don't call me Shirley!) the factory had a more sophisticated method of installing the front sight leaf spring.

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