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Does this Reising blueing look factory original to you?

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Good afternoon everybody, I bought a Reising from a well known seller about a month ago and had a question.

It was advertised as original blueing, but looking again at the photos (and comparing them to photos of a previous early model Reising I sold), it appears to be off. 




The gun I just bought^

(Compared to this one only 300 guns higher in production) The blueing on the gun which I believe has the factory finish looks less uniform, imperfect, and thinner). I was trying to get a nice example with original blueing to potentially loan to a local military museum I volunteer at and as such paid a premium on this example, but now I’m not so sure and might resell it. 
What do you gents think?





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yeah, it looks refinished. the first pictures of the early production M50 you just purchased notice that the selector doesn't have that 'case hardened' finish and is blued like the rest of the gun.  Todd in Oregon

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Those bosses are definitely a repair which probably led to the re-finish

The stock appears to be "prettified" as well.

Some people just can't leave well enough alone

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Looks very close to original factory bluing that I have seen on model 50 and 60 guns.

The welding job looks original too , at least to me.  I have seen very similar and some times worse on the early guns.



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The welds look a little rough but not unusual for H&R production at this time. I do not think it was repair welded.

Stock refinished . Not sure about the bluing. Have seen some Reisings with original over buffed blue finish . Perhaps lots of new workers at H&R in the early 1940's.

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