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Bar Production.

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Does any one have the production totals/figures by "Manufacturer" (IE: Winchester, Marlin-Rockwell, NESA, IBM, Colt, and Royal-McBee) for the numbers manufactured and possibly by Models?

Is there more of a collertor value for one Model over another, or one manufacturer over another?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I have the book in front of me, but that question is just way too broad, I would have to spend a good hour adding it up and then checking it over. I could do a certain manufacturer if you wanted.


You might go get one of these books, they are expensive, but worth it. Called "Rock in a Hard Place" by James L. Ballou.ISBN 0-88935-263-1 by Collector Grade Production.




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I agree with John Jr., this is a good source. I like the Winchester 1918's over any modification (i.e. 1918A1's and, especially 1918A2's) or over the Colt's (which were largely commercial) and the Marlin-Rockwells (which experienced numerous teething problems). Certainly, the Ermco or Maples' are not in the same league.


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