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  1. actually if I remember. Theres a member here who had a similar problem and it was the extractor not allowing the round to sit flush on the bolt face that was the problem.
  2. A: crappy mag/mag catch that interferes with feeding/proper firing B: soft bolt C: bad headspace
  3. unless you have the knowledge and some form of proper tools it can be hazardous to your guns health. I did my own SBR work, swapped out the stupid smooth barrel for a gi with the cutts on it that I got for $40. when the threads broke on the first barrel it sounded like a gunshot in my garage using my 4 foot cheater bar on my jig I made.
  4. stuff like this can be found very very low in the right spots because they're not "attractive" anymore. I got my Stevens 620 for $120 last year. took a lot of cleaning to get it running good. Took the barrel down to 18.25 cause the last few inches looked like a beaver tried eating it.
  5. Im still looking... Yes I'm alive. The universe needed me elsewhere for a little.
  6. that warning of making colored copies of tax/treasury documents is on a big sticker on a lot of the newer copier/fax machines.
  7. "readily convertible" IE: you cant just take it off with a screw driver or hammer in 5 minutes. most non intrusive is blind pin and silver soldering over the holes.
  8. Not very professional That's jail for you though. yes, but since the killer was suppose to be a pro, I would of thought he "d be more creative that stuffs for the movies.
  9. i think they use their crappiest grain of wood for the commando parts. always reminded me of what century did to the wood on all those Czech VZ-52 rifles , bastards.
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