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On The Side Of Law & Order Exhibit

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I sent a donation to the NRA Foundation and requested a copy of the exhibit catalog which is sold at the exhibit for around $10.00. The catalog arrived this week and it is outstanding. I think any thompson collector is going to want a copy. Many outstanding color photos of thompsons.


I received a letter from Steven Anderson, Executive Director. The NRA Foundation along with the exhibit catalog. who advised my contribution is tax-deductible.


This is a chance to help the NRA, support the exhibit and take a tax-deduction as well.


No one will be disappointed with the exhibit catalog...


Address is:

NRA Foundation

11250 Waples Mill Road

Fairfax, VA 22030


1 800 423-6894


They may even take plastic!

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Ron A,


There is a picture of one of the posters hanging on the entrance to the Ruger Gallery in one of the pictures I posted from the earlier post on this topic.

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I haven't received mine yet but it should be this or next week. I'll send details once it comes. I'm sure some of the members here already got one or 2.



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I received both the booklet and the poster by contacting the NRA Foundation. As noted above, they do take plastic. As I recall, the poster is a copy of the front cover of the booklet. Tracie told me that not many of the posters were printed (125??), so grab one while you can if you're interested.


Tracie was responsible for the poster design. Posters are approximately 18" x 24".


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