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XProducts 50 Round Drum


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So I got lucky and found a "used" one on GunBroker. These things are truly awesome!


The unit I got is the skeletonized version (weight savings for sure) that allows you to see all the rounds loaded. The quality of the unit is very good, even aircraft mfg good. Fit and finish is super and unit itself is compact. XProducts sells two versions, one is solid (this unit is actually the best tactical version, as the solid shell prevents dirt and debris from getting into the device) and the skeletonized unit which is the sexy option (looks so cool). Both are finished in a nice dark blue/black matt color.


Now, loading. View the YouTube tutorial, really helpful. The drum loads easily and until you get to about 43 or so rounds, the spring tension is pleasant. The drum locks into place in my M1A's (I own several) which are all standard configuration guns. The drum weighs a bit over 5lbs loaded and balances nice with the gun.


My normal preference is the USGI type 20 round magazines, however if you are considering a drum for FA fun, then this is an excellent product. Be prepared to pay, as it will run about $300 before tax and shipping.


Anyone out there have any other experience with this product?


For the record, I paid for my unit and have NO affiliation of any kind with XProducts. Just a normal buyer...

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Appreciate the feedback. I'll be shooting mine soon, and I expect the same. My degree is civil/aerospace engineering and I found the XProduct drum to be very well made. We'll see......

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Well, I may have spoken too soon. Another trip to the range, with the intent of running the drum on full auto. About every 10th round or so the firing would stop. Removing the drum, each time a new bullet (NATO spec, 147 grain) would be wedged down with the head of the bullet lodged against the front inside of the drum well. Removing it was as simple as winding the drum a little, then removing the bullet. This happened three or four times, leading me to believe that the drum is not capable of feeding the rounds as quickly as the gun cycles. In other words, the bolt is moving forward BEFORE the next round is fully upward and in position. 

I did not have this issue with the gun on semi, and the drum functioned perfectly in this mode.

I sent XProducts an email and of course they have not replied. They are having issues because of the new California law banning import, sale or export of any magazine in excess of 10 rounds. Of course this will be overturned in court eventually, but in the meantime they have to consider moving production. I would think however they could respond to my note.

Back to the drum. After thinking about it a bit, I was able to clearly see the exact spot(s) where the bullet tips were striking the drum well, just slightly above the locking port hole. It appears that there would be plenty of metal left if I removed a bit so that is what I did. Essentially I just made the half moon curve deeper, allowing the bullet more clearance in the drum face. 

So, I'll go back to the range this weekend and see if it works. If not, then a very big lesson learned for me. 

BTW, the gun functions perfectly using GI mags.

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Fellow M14 Forum members, I apologize for taking so long to follow up on the X-products 50 round drum magazine for the M14/M1A. I made a trip to the range yesterday, and took two standard GI 20 round mags, the X-products 50 round drum (modified as described above) and of course my SA M14. 

Gun functioned perfectly with GI mags, and ran flawlessly on full auto. Next up was the X-products 50 round drum. Perfect. No jam or failure to feed. Modifying the front face of the magazine by removing a bit of metal, and doing so in the shape of a half moon. 

So I am convinced that the drum was designed primarily for the semi-auto market and the company never really considered that it might be used for FA. As such, the spring tension, once wound, is (on my unit) or was not capable of feeding the rounds quickly enough to allow them to be in perfect position by the time the bolt as cycled forward again. The bolt was catching the round as it was still traveling upward and not 100% clear of the front face of the magazine, causing the bullet point to jam into the flat metal face. Now, the round still feeds at the same rate, but the tip is able to clear the m magazine face where it naturally feeds into the chamber. 

One less thing to worry about!

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