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I actually did not ask, but the gun came up in conversation and he's not known to be much of a "make an offer" type guy, especially on a rare item, so I'd guess list price?   They don't come up often.  I don't collect Jap stuff, so it saved me some cash!

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I was looking at the photos, and recognized the camo backdrop as something Jerry often uses at Recon Ordinance in Wisconsin in his auction/sales photos. I know Johnsonlmg41 is familiar with him also. And on closer look I see several photos have a box with Jerry's name. It has me curious what the history of this Type 100 is and if Urban Armory is somehow in relation to Recon Ordinance? If Urban Armory picked this up from Recon you would think at that asking price they would have had new photos taken? About 15 years ago I had a chance at a Type 100 down in southeast Minnesota. I think at the time it was around 10k. I had a few nambus type 14s so I knew how expensive 8mm Nambu was. Decided to pass on it, I wonder if this may be the same gun given its proximity to Jerry's operation. 

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