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Rubber Thompsons

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QUOTE (Grumpy @ Aug 30 2003, 02:32 PM)
Hi Guys,
Does anyone know if there's a law about importing rubber display guns from overseas? Does BATF or Customs have a problem with this?


Nope -- not from an ATF perspective. It ain't a gun, it ain't parts for a gun, it ain't gonna BE a gun. Therefor, They don't care.


The Commerce Department has a rule that replica guns must have an orange barrel plug IAW specific regs they have. Basically, a day-glow "hunter colored" orange barrel plug in the muzzle (recessed no more than 6mm). This is supposed to keep kids with toys and no brains from being shot by cops.


The end user can do whatever he likes on teh plug -- the regulation/law (I can't recall which it is) is only binding on importers, manufacturers, and sellers. . . kinda like the mattress tag thing.


Sure -- import your rubber duckies! And get some cheap AK rubber duckies while you're at it, too!

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Bill, I'm assuming that you're talking about the prop Thompsons as used on Band of Brothers. just wondering why you would want one of these? I've seen one and they look horrible compared to the proper metal replicas like the MGC Thompson for example.
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Hi Gang,

Thanks for the replies. Yes I know it's just a piece of rubber. And

the MGC replicas are better, ( have a couple ).

But it's a piece of Tommy Gun history, and as a collector, ( PACK RAT );

Thought it might be fun to have. But it was running a bit to pricey.



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I always wondered why the crooks don't paint the tips of their real guns orange.
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at least if you drop it,you won't really care,buy 20 of them, stack them in the safe...............and take a pic and tell everybody here you own 20 colt's............impress the friend's the neighbor's and the dog.wink!!


maybe in ten year's "Thompson{REAL} GREED"will arrive on these,and you can sell the collection for $20,000.00


now wouldn't that be "just grand"


take it easy.....ron

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