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Wtk: Value Of Colt 21 Parts Kit?

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I have been offered a trade on a 1921A Colt parts kit - complete with all parts including a saw cut upper receiver (a small section is missing).


What's the value of this kit? The parts are in excellent shape and are confirmed to be original, including the wood and the internals. There is no compensator on the barrel since it's a 1921A model.



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Not less than $6000.


Bob D


PS Viewing cut Colt TSMG often results in the need for a barf bag.

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These don't come up too often, so references are a bit slim. I recall one going late last year for $6K. I would guess that is the most recent benchmark. Parting it out might net more or less, but it depends on who the bidder/buyer is.


There was a rather lengthy post with lots of opinions earlier this year:


28 Colt Parts Kit $6,000


Many people posting seemed to think that price was too high.

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QUOTE (colt21a @ Jul 5 2005, 04:33 PM)
i would pay him $10,000.00 for one.wink!! wait maybe $15,000.00 remember who said? you can never buy too early just too late, or never or something like that!!

just think a colt 1921a worth $38,987.00 and the extra's for another $12,347.90 and a extra collectable kit,that they can fit in maybe two shoe boxe's.for a mere $6,000.00 plus???

you can linseed oil the wood on a boring sunday morning,play with the finned barrel!!run your oily finger's on the bolt.
use the lower as a paperweight.{that has been done here before}

yep i played with part's for many year's...then reality said in.i did not need all of that stuff!!!

i had a original {in wax paper wrapper}thompson spare part's kit for that!!until recon wanted it for $2,000.00

now i heard he brag's about it!! wow!

if you need the part's> to live another day,to feed the duck's,to impress the neighbor's,the gun show crowd
is it a really must have?/or something to fill that void in your thompson life??

not e-nuff drum's, mag's, and pouche's?? you like looking at part's oiled up in cigar box!!or just have money to burn,and can't find another $6,000.00 rifle or pistol to buy??wink!!

have fun with it.take care,ron

Oh hell, here we go again



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