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Longbranch Sten

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About as hard as it is to find ANY C & R Sten. They are somewhere between uncommon as hell and Rare!

I would guess that 90 - 95% of the privately owned/transferrable Stens are tube guns.


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I was in the Sten market last summer, of the six finalists found on Subguns and Sturm in a two week period two were C&Rs. I ended up buying an Erb tube gun mainly because of the $2000-2500 difference in price.
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I have a Longbranch MKII with the Chinese markings pictured on page 138 of Laidler`s book...this is a York `tube` gun...years ago the scuttlebut was that many tubes were original and just remarked by this manufactorer...so this maybe an unofficial C&R STen...Frank I. shows a good closeup but has the caliber conversion to 7.62x25 mm as well.
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