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28 Stock Conversion

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Have any of you guys tried the complete 28 stock assy. sarco offers? I know some people either love or hate sarco but how were their stocks?

My 27a1wh should be leaving for a CO vacation shortly and I would like to be able to send one with it for proper fitting. I have purchased from sarco before and have been pretty satisifed. I saw the newly finished ones offered on tommy gunner.com and was curious how far apart they are? I figure finish on the metal isn't a problem as that can be renewed but if the wood is rotten they are not worth it and it would be better to look elsewhere. Also any good sources would be appreciated. I'm going to call IMA and Sarco this week but ones meaing of excellent condition is not always the same as the next person.




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I purchased a complete 28 stock with metal from Sarco - metal was used and stock was new GI. Price was $99.00

Metal was used, not rusted or pitted, just thin blue.

I felt it was a good buy..

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I bought my 28 stock from Numrich I paid $128. for it complete. (I just visited their site and it is listed as out of stock.)

The slide was sloppy, but that was an easy fix with a new slide from TommyGunner.com.



You may want to get a nice wanut stock from DeerSlayer on the list and buy the metal elsewhere.


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