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Today I received another Manville in the case. The interesting thing is this gun was supposedly one of the guns used in Dogs of War. The bottom of the case had an old movie poster from Dogs of War. The previous owner told me that he received the gun years ago from a Hollywood friend who got it from United Artists. He promised his friend that he would never reveal his name as his friend was worried about negative feedback from his liberal friends.


The gentleman I bought it from supplied me with a letter on his business letterhead outlining the story of how he obtained it. The gun itself has no property marks on it other than the typical Manville markings.


The poster depicts the second model 26.5mm Manville with the large upper rod and this is the first model with the thumb screws. So was this a prop used or is it just a story? There's no way to prove it either way but the guy I bought it from believes it to be true.













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The serial number is M887.

A little more research shows that the poster in the bottom of the case is actually a press proof, done in black and white.

This was done as a proof of concept before adding color and printing.

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I saw it when it came out, and again several times on HBO in the 1980's. It's been a while. I don't recall it being a great movie, but it had some good action. The effects of the Manville were "highly exaggerated."


David Albert


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