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Beretta MP 38/42


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Maybe you can try gunstroker. It seems that SMG parts are drying up very very quickly. I think people are afraid of Bernie Sanders getting elected which I think is a VERY strong possibility.People are beginning to panic buy which is driving parts up through the roof. For example an MP40 barrel sold on gunstroker the other day for $2400 no this is not a typo. A bolt and recoil spring assembly went for $1400 and this is not a typo either. People are very afraid of what might happen with gun laws. Good luck in your search.

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I am locating more Beretta M1938 (and variant) parts in the S.S. material as we get it handled.
I have had the cocking knobs in stock before, and they do come off easily!

Please keep checking the Beretta SMG category:




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