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Interesting Model '97

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Here is what caught my eye.

USMC poorly stamped- faked

Butt plate looks like a Win M70 buttplate. probably added post war.

Can't see the rivots fastening the vent hand guard to bayonet attachment. Probably a repro.

The Omaha and CYL looks good.

My guess,-- a Omaha police riot gun that someone faked into a trench gun.

Whats your guess ???

Jim C

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What a mess. USMC and ordnance bomb markings clearly faked. Reproduction heat shield and bayonet mount. Wrong butt plate for any model 97. OPD markings neatly applied either by Winchester under contract or OPD. Nothing wrong with that, but of course it means that the gun has a civilian PD history, not USMC.

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...which would have been worth a lot more without the counterfeit markings.

I am amazed at the number of fake US Mil shotguns that keep showing up. It seems they may be counterfeited more than just about any other weapon

You are absolutely correct. The overwhelming majority of trench guns on the market today are either outright fakes are have varying degrees of "problems." When genuine trench guns sold for $200 or $300 years ago and weren't very popular with many collectors, fakes weren't as big of a problem. Now with prices ten, twenty or thirty times as much (if not more) and the actual scarcity of the real guns is now obvious, fakes are a growing plague and lots of people are spending lots of money on bogus pieces. A little research can save a lot of money. Google or Wikipedia don't cut it, lol.

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"...but wait there's more"

from the same seller. I don't know what is and isn't authentic but when I see a mix and match of conditions for the parts on the same gun, I ain't buyin' it.



Guy H. Drewry did not become Ordnance inspector until July 17, 1942, so the GHD stamp is incorrect for a gun supposedly made in 1939.


This gun is an outright fraud. Looks like there's nothing to be done about it.

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Love the one with the magazine band AND heat shield bayonet mount. He didn’t even bother to look to see what was correct. Cant call it a fake I guess as it’s not a copy of anything.

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