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New Production Carbines

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Was wondering about the New Production M1 Carbines from places like Inland and Auto Ordnance etc..... are parts  interchangeable with Original GI Parts.   Had thought about a New Production one after seeing some on YouTube in use....one caught my eye,..M1 Advisor with Paratrooper Stock(M2 Conversion)....Nice but I don't want the NFA hassle, costs,  waiting time etc right now.

Anyone own a New Production?            Good or Bad experiences ??


My first New Carbine experience was not Good, years ago, early 1980s purchased a brand new Universal Carbine, owned it oh....about a week. Took to the Range and it had constant malfunctions with new Ammo. Tried different Magazines, same problems. Took back to Gunshop next day, his Gunsmith took a look at it, small crack in Gas Block. Money was refunded.  I later found out while it looked like a GI Carbine, with a black metal Handguard, parts were not interchangeable with GI, so I wanted know about Interchangeable Parts with these New ones.

Later 1980s had a Quality Hardware for few years, I think that was the name....I do remember one thing, a Detachable Spring Tube.....didn't know till after purchased...fired great. But was told by someone not to rapid fire, the Spring Tube could burst /splinter through the Stock causing injuries, that's why long Drilled Hole on other WW2 Made ones

Anyone ever hear of these Detachable Spring Tubes coming out the side or back of the Stocks. ???.


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Someone bamboozled you. 

A Quality Hardware carbine is a perfectly fine carbine, you should have kept it.

Receivers made by QHMC were all separate  spring tube and the army was glad to get them.

Rock-Ola, Winchester, and Inland also made spring tube carbines at times.

I owned a spring tube Winchester for over 25 years, before giving it to my brother. Never had any problems.

Jim C

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The new Inland M1's I'm certain are interchangeable as the Owner , who is an acquaintance, is a stickler for originality.    However, a used GI carbine can be had for about the same money. Your call.

  I enjoy my "kit" frequently but have a Blue Sky import for casual FA shooting. No need to burn up one of my collectible carbines.   Fun gun indeed.

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