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  1. Great photos, thanks. I see it on the other side too. I've seen a Woodsman pop up in other outlaw arsenals.
  2. Just the patina on that Winchester is killer- Love those old 18s.
  3. Wobble around the gas cylinder tube retaining pin area maybe ? I'm kinda limited here, I have a Winchester in semi, same barrel date as yours, 11-18, bit different gun but is tight as can be. There's a couple good BAR guys here, they'll figure it out. Get some pictures on, that will help.
  4. Pretty sure that's Kelly, second from the right, heading to the airplane. Bart can probably verify this for sure. I think we may be looking at Kathryn Kelly to, in the left just coming into view, with the black bell-looking hat on, so maybe transporting both of them. She's only viewed for a couple seconds.
  5. Dillinger gang was dead by the time John Paul Chase used the Monitor at Barrington. I've never really counted a Colt Monitor as a BAR anyway. Close tho, I guess. In Dillinger's 14 month career ( about 4 of those in jail ) there is no incidence of Dillinger or his gang using any flavor of BAR, in bank robberies, escapes, captures and other Dillinger cappers. At least as far as I can remember.
  6. Original color was black on the 1933 Essex Terraplane 8. Long story- repainted in the 60s . Dillinger had both Thompson # 7387 & #6444 in the car with him. His personal car and a lot of the gang's was the 1933 Essex Terraplane 8- FAST car. I've had a couple 34 V8s too, it would way outrun them . Ford V8 was the working car, one of the faster cars on the road then. Barrow ran the 33-34 V8 exclusively. BTW, we're going to get busted over here on this side, if any more interest, David might slip this over to the outlaw/lawmen forum. I get pretty windy on the subject. OCM
  7. They had asked if they could use my 1933 Buick 90 for the Racine robbery scene, which would of been correct, but being there are only 1/2 doz left in the world mine was not available, won't be anyway, actors tear up your cars, for the scene. They used a 1936 Buick in the movie instead. Also they asked the National Crime & Punishment Museum , if they could use the original John Dillinger car, which I also owned, but had sold it to the museum, if they could take the Dillinger Essex and paint it black for the movie. The museum called me about what I thought...... " they nuts ? " As with all Hollywood films some are correct some not. Depp got real involved in the Dillinger history and bought a bunch of stuff from the Dillinger family, as was told me by Dillinger's great nephew. Lot of historical mistakes also, maybe due to time restraints? The killing of Baby Face Nelson was way more dramatic then the movie version, etc. etc Was some cool stuff in it anyway- OCM
  8. Dillinger gang didn't use BARs either, that's the Texas Rattlesnake, Clyde Barrow.
  9. Sell the 1910 to Colt Chopper, pocket change for him and Johnny Depp. Cheap shipping too. BTW, Lori, 1/2 the Leach book, lives up in Corunna, that's close to Hog's Liver Junction, south of Raccoon Tongue, crows fly to Auburn to you Indiana boys. Maybe , you can get an autographed book at the Spring Pea Shelling & Corn Likker Festival. I think I'd fly out to that one... OCM
  10. Lynette Gillis, Colt Chopper's marketing Director and CEO will be in the " shotgun " seat as per history. Don't know if you've ever talked to her, Ron, but all she says is " WHAT ? " ( hearing you know )
  11. I need to replace a " foot" on one of my Police cases, the chome stud. I don't have Greg's email anymore, use to. Any help out there ? Thanks OCM
  12. We can see, Ellen has published numerous books on gangster stuff, " Don't Call Us Molls " was a fun one, Lucky L and a few more I think, She lives in New Your, Lori lives in Indiana, don't what they are planning for book signing, but we'll find out later. Lori was actually able to fire one of the Dillinger Crown Point Thompsons- Good gal !!! Side note: I actually got a copy of Ellen's book, "Don't Call Us Molls, the women of the Dillinger gang" signed by Ellen with Billie Frechette's pen !! How about that. Still got that one, museum didn't want personalized books I had-
  13. Some of you had asked about when Ellen's book was coming out, about Indiana State Highway Captain Matt Leach's hunt for Dillinger. Got an email from her , I guess it's in pre-publication or something. I think it's McFarland press, anyway you can look it up if you wish. Both the authors, Ellen Poulsen & Lori Hyde, re long time friends and big Dillinger researchers. Myself, Sheriff Ernie Hudson, Bill Helmer and others you may know helped out a bit on this. Dillinger was a massive thorn in Leach's butt, tormenting him with letters and phone calls, almost funny. I haven't seen the book or anything but should be a good one - OCM
  14. R-80 build.. I may die of old age before this build is done. If you get a chance, be cool to see a video of your weapon in action. Love all the gizmos on the R-75, cool piece.
  15. If it came from Darrly, has to be top notch. Not many of us, interested in the R-75, R-80, around. An elite group says I. I'm in the process now of building a semi R-80 Monitor. Anyway what a nice R-75 you have, a very lucky guy. I see by your description, you're into a lot of the same stuff I am. Must go hand in hand , seems like a lot of the elite group are . Haaaaaaaa, must be a bug we all have.
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