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  1. When replacing the barrel, using the Richardson tool, the grip mount bar flexes more than you could really ever imagine. The first time I saw it done I was stressed that it would break.
  2. So what happens if the firearm was in possession of the new owner ? Is it now contraband and eligible for confiscation ??? This is all a little fishy.
  3. Possibly debris or powder residue build-up in the trigger frame? I had a similar experience, and found a dislodged piece of primer in there.
  4. I'm going to make some popcorn, and sit back and watch the show! LOL
  5. Welcome to the board !!! Very nice Tommy !
  6. Great time at the 2024 TCA annual S&S. Can't say enough thanks to the Troy's, Bozio's, Tusco Rifle Club and members who displayed and attended. If a range of this caliber existed in Indiana, I would definitely be a member. Already looking forward to next year !!!!
  7. The officer on the left side of the hood, doesn't seem to mind having a Tommy gun pointed straight at him !!! LOL
  8. Bolt and actuator look correct. I don't see any receiver issues. The recoil buffer looks fine, other than it's "Bottomed Out" so to speak, possibly no red disc's left. It should not be fully compressed.
  9. Maybe it's just the angle of the picture, but the collar on the buffer tube looks off to me, again, could just be the pic.
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