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Old Photos at Dillinger Graves

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Digging through some old photos cleaning out the drives, found this. I think we took these around 2005 or spring of 2006.


The Girls



The Couple



Old Friends stopping by



Johns companions



Colt 45




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Nice, you should take CC there, or even by the Dillinger farm , or Where the funeral home WAS, or Greencastle bank OR the Manhattan bank he robbed, OR the Uncles house, OR by where Ed Singleton was found dead, OR by the First Christian church OR the Morgan Grocery store was/is....

I've been there multiple times and live 2000 miles away.......Was invited to stay at the Farm, at the historical date in 1934...............on & on.

How about the grave ..................... & Pierpont's grave.


Good photos, Mike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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These were taken about 1967 by a girlfriend in college. ( ouch ) . You can see the destruction then of the headstone. People chipping it away. I'm not sure but this may be the original one before Joe Pinkston replaced it maybe 10 years later.


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